Self-Service Kiosk Installation guide

Quick-start guide

Would you like to provide your clients with 24/7 access to all your insurance information?

We make it super easy for clients to view it right on their smartphone, tablet, or computer using your brokerage-branded Kiosk App. Start using it today so your clients can:

  • Access policy documents
  • Add pink slips to their digital wallet
  • Request a quote
  • Report a claim
  • Make a payment on their phone
  • Chat with your brokerage


Once your Kiosk app is set up, simply email your clients a link to download the app onto their smartphone or tablet. They can also use the link to access the Kiosk app directly on their computer — no download necessary.

Our new Kiosk quick-start guide includes short videos plus the URLs and codes you need to get Self-Service Kiosk up and running this week.


Setting up Self-Service Kiosk is easy as 1-2-3-4!

 Step 1: Confirm Your Settings

Step 2: Install the Widget

Step 3: Roll Out the App

Step 4: Add Kiosk to Your Emails


Step 1: Confirm Your Settings

Here’s a list of the 5 pre-requirements needed to start using Self Service Kiosk: 

1. Your company BMS to Pathway Sync established 
(Confirm sync in BMS Settings > Integration)
2. eDocs 
(View your eDocs in BMS Settings > Edoc Review)
3. Staff List must be populated, entered properly.
(Verify your list in BMS Settings > Staff List)
4. Properly categorized Business Codes 
(Check setup in BMS Settings > Business Codes)
5. Customize Kiosk App display name
(Update in BMS Settings > Kiosk > Branding)
Example: {company_name} Kiosk or {prefered_display_name_Kiosk} 

Be sure to also update the color codes for the header background and buttons so they match your website, otherwise, the Pathway default colors will be used.

Watch This Video for Details.

Step 2: Install the Self-Service Kiosk Widget

We’ve made it super easy to add the Kiosk widget to your website. The code for the widget is listed at the bottom of the Kiosk Branding page. You can quickly access it here:

Please copy and send the code to the person responsible for updating your website so they can add it to each web page that should have the Kiosk widget. That’s all! 

Please watch this video for instructions.


Alternatively, you can link to Self-Service Kiosk PWA (Progressive Web App) from your company website

You can add a direct link to the browser-based Kiosk App in your website’s navigation bar or anywhere on your website. This step is an alternative to adding the Kiosk widget to your website but is not necessary if you’re using the widget.

The link to the browser app can be found at the top of the Kiosk Branding page. You can quickly access it here:   

Simply copy the Kiosk App URL and send it to the person responsible for updating your website so they can add the link where necessary.

Please watch this video for instructions.

Step 3: Roll Out the App


Kiosk installation guide - iPhone.pdf
Kiosk installation guide - Android.pdf

Step 4: Add Kiosk to Your Emails

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to add Kiosk block to any email.

The Kiosk App is just one of the many ways we’re working to make insurance more convenient for you!

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