Who will the emails come from? Why are test emails coming from Pathway?

Each email template that you set up, whether as a manual one-off email or as part of an automated workflow, has a mandatory step for setting up the subject line, as well as the 'From name', 'From email address' and 'Reply-to email address'.
You have a couple of different options when setting up each of these fields.
From name: you can type in your company name, or add the name of the person you want to appear as the sender of the email. You can also use the CSR (account representative) or the producer (account executive) merge tag we offer, which will fill in the From name field with the name of the CSR or the producer on file. That means that each client in the list you are using to send the emails will receive an email from the CSR or the producer assigned to that client in your BMS.

From email address and Reply to email address: similar to From name field, you can type in the email address you want the emails to come from or be replied to, or you can set any of the CSR or producer merge tags and your customers will receive or be able to reply to the email address of the CSR/producer on customer file in your BMS. 

Please note, if you don’t want to allow your customers to reply to an email address, you will have to set up a no-reply email address on your domain and add it to the Profile section under Pathway settings, which will allow you to select that email address on the 'Reply to email address' field. 

Please keep in mind that test emails sent from the email preview mode will always be sent from Pathway’s domain @pathwayport.com. This is by design.

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