What does "Contact not in the list" label mean?

If you prefer to review and approve your emails from the Dispatch for the first couple of weeks after the email activation, you will notice that the most frequent Activity logs are “Pending review”, “Que date passed” and “Missing email”. In addition to that, you might also see “Contact not in the list”.

Let's explain what each of those means.

Pending review - the email is scheduled to go out at a certain time in the future and it is waiting for your approval. If you approve that email, it will be sent to the client at the scheduled time.

Que date passed - the email was scheduled to go out at a certain time in the past but it was not approved on time. If you approve the email, it will be sent out to the client immediately.

Missing email - the client does not have an email address in Pathway. You can add the client’s email to your BMS, after the next sync it will show up in Pathway too.

Contact not in the list - setting up the filters properly is a process that requires a little bit of testing on your end. It can happen that you set up certain filters and activate the email, however, after reviewing the emails in the Dispatch, you might notice that some clients are not supposed to be on the receiving list. This requires a filter update, and after you make the adjustment, the number of clients in the segment will change. As a result of the filter update, clients that fell under the previous criteria might get “stuck” in the Dispatch. To resolve this issue, just restart the email - pause it, and then reactivate it again. 

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