How to filter Dispatch for emails that are on Hold

Occasionally, some of the emails in your Dispatch will have a Hold review status. There are several reasons an email may have this designation. A broker can manually put an email in Hold status, or the system can do it if there are duplicate email addresses or an error exists such as the client doesn’t match the filters. If you would like to view all the emails in Dispatch that are in a Hold status, you can set up a filter to do so by following these steps:

  1. Check the Date filter to make sure the date range includes the dates that you need
  2. Make sure “Not Sent” is selected in the Sent field
  3. In the Filters dropdown menu, make sure you select your desired settings for each category listed by clicking on the plus symbol and viewing all the options:

    a. Workflows – Select the workflows you want to filter.
    Review status – Select Held
    c. Contact status – Choose whether you want to see all Held emails or just those with either Valid email addresses or Invalid email addresses
    d. Approval required – Select All

With filters set this way, the Dispatch will show only emails that have a Hold status.


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