The difference between Holding and Hiding an email

When previewing an email in the Dispatch, Pathway allows you to Approve, Hold, Hide, Quick Edit and Delay that email.screenshot1.jpgIn this article, we will explain the difference between the Hold and Hide options.

When you Hold an email, a popup appears with a text box that allows you to note a reason for the hold. This option is useful in instances when you notice that some data pulled from your BMS into the email is incorrect, and you want to change it.screenshot2.jpgYou would enter a reason for the hold, make the change in your BMS and wait for the daily sync to pick it up and update the email with correct details.

The important thing to note here is that the system immediately approves an email as soon as it is unheld, so we recommend that you check the accuracy of all the details in the email before engaging in this activity.

The Hide button, on the other hand, removes an email from the Dispatch completely, and you are not going to see it in the Dispatch ever again. The action is not reversible so use it carefully.

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