How to check if the contact list filters are setup correctly

When you set up the content and design of your emails, it’s important to make sure the right clients are going to receive those emails.

The best way to check which clients will receive the emails before activating them is to download the contact list assigned to the email campaign.

The screenshot below shows how to navigate to the contacts segment tied to the specific workflow you've been working with and download the list.
Please note that due to security reasons, contact lists can be downloaded to the administrator account only. If you are not logged in with the administrator account, please ask your company associate who owns the email address tied to the admin account to forward you the contact list. 

Downloading the list will help you confirm the client’s details with the information that you have in your BMS and correct the filters if necessary.

You could also check directly from Pathway if the correct clients are in the contacts segment even without downloading the list, however, the list might be more convenient for you.

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