What are merge tags and how to add them to email templates

Merge tags are unique labels that allow you to insert personalized or dynamic content in your email templates and customize your email campaigns.

Adding a Merge tag into an email template in Pathway allows you to include various customer and/or policy-related details that are imported from your BMS, such as:

  • customer’s first and last name
  • policy number
  • policy renewal date
  • insurer company that issued a policy.

You can also sign your emails with merge tags for the CSR or the producer on file, as well as their contact details such as phone number, extension, email address, branch, etc.

You can see the list of commonly used merge tags in Pathway using this link.

To access merge tags and add them to the email template you have to start the email editor first. Once there, select the text block and position where you want to add the merge tag and click on MERGE within the black bar that will show up right above.
You will see a new screen with available merge tags. To add a merge tag, click the Add button. Additional option to type in a replacement word will show up. This is in case the field that the merge tag will populate data from is empty in your BMS. Leave it blank or type in a replacement word if applicable and click on Submit.

This action will add a merge tag between the curly brackets to the email template.

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