What does  “Time After Trigger” refer to?

After the content and the design of your email are ready, your next step is to set up your email filters. One of the main filters you will set up will be the filter that triggers when the email goes out. For example, in the Welcome Series, you would set the “Date added” filter or for the Renewal Series, you would set the “Renewal date” filter.

If the filters are set, you can go back to Emails and choose “Time After Trigger”.
screenshot1.pngIt is important to know that this “time” actually refers to when the email series is triggered for that client.

For example, if a client joined your brokerage on the 1st of April, but the Welcome segment for that client was created on the 10th of April (it happens automatically when you create workflow under Automated emails), “Time After Trigger” will refer to the 10th of April. 

In this example, we are assuming that you would use the “Date added” filter to trigger emails.

So, if you want the Welcome email to go out 1 day after the trigger, it will be scheduled to go out on the 11th of April.

Please note, if you do not want to send emails over the weekend, make sure the Weekdays box is checked.

If you are making changes to the time, make sure that you click Save every time.

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