Setting up a Rule to notify CSR about an Invalid email


To ensure a CSR or Producer gets notified when an invalid email is added to a segment list, you will need to set up a rule.

A rule in Pathway is an optional instruction you can set up for a specific workflow.

To set up a rule, go to Email > Automated. Then, select the workflow you wish to set the rule for.

Once the workflow is selected, click the Rules button at the top of the page (see the red arrow in the screenshot below).
Choose the EDIT option and just follow the dropdown menu:

Under If this happens choose option If invalid contact is added to the segment

Under Then do this choose option Send email alert to

Depending on who you want to inform about this issue, you can either enter their email address or use merge tags as follows:

CSR: {custom_custom_csr_email}
Producer: {custom_custom_prd_email}

Finally, type the email message that will be sent to the CSR or Producer regarding the issue.

In this case, Pathway suggests using merge tags so the CSR or Producer on file knows all details about the error that occurred.


At the bottom of the Rules screen, there is a dropdown menu “Add a merge tag” that can be used in this message. Most common practice would look like this:

Hi {custom_custom_csr_name},

A customer {full_name} - Customer Code: {custom_custom_ccode} did not receive the email due to invalid email address in the system.

Please reach out to the client by phone. screenshot2.png


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