I don't see any emails in the Dispatch

If it’s your first time activating an automated email workflow, we recommend that you review and approve the emails through Dispatch. In order to do that, click the Settings icon (shown in the screenshot below), and make sure there are check marks next to all the automated email workflows you want to activate. Then, click Save.

Once this is all set, you can activate your email workflows.

If you have already completed this step, but still don’t see any emails in the Dispatch, make sure that you have all the filters set up correctly.

Please note that each of the categories shown on the Dispatch page can be used for filtering. screenshot2.png

When you click on the Filters button, you can further filter emails by workflows, response type, review status, contact status and approval required. Make sure to check all of those filters before assuming that you did not set up filters correctly.

In the beginning, we suggest you only make changes to the workflows that you plan to use immediately and leave all the other filters on ‘All’ until you get used to using the Dispatch.


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