How To Add a Conditional Merge Tag?

Adding Conditional Merge tags is not much different than adding regular merge tags. To add a tag, you first need to create it.


  1. Go into the email editor
  2. Click where you want to insert your conditional merge tag
  3. On the formatting toolbar, click the MERGE buttonmerge_button.jpg
  4. A new slider screen will open. You will see two tabs, Merge Tags and Conditional Merge Tags. Click on the second one
  5. Once there, click the Add Merge Tag buttonaddmergetag.jpg
  6. In the dropdown menu, choose your coverage code. This dropdown will contain ALL available coverage codes from CSIO, as well as your custom "Z" codes. Liability, Insurer Company Code, and Policy Type are fixed at the top, and the most used ones will be listed after themaddcoveragecode.jpg
  7. Add the values to your conditions. If the condition is Liability, you will need to choose if it is greater or less than a certain amount. For Insurer Codes, you need to choose the codes, as well as for your Line of Business Codes. Some other coverages require different values, all of which you will be able to choose
  8. Add your Conditional Merge Tag text. When you insert the text, leave one blank line before your paragraph. This way, you are making sure that the conditional merge text is transferred into a new line in your emailcmttext.jpg
    DO NOT add a blank line after your text, as this will result in blank lines in the final email
  9. Finally, name your merge tag. Choose a name that you will easily recognize, as this is something that cannot be changed later, and will help you find the right tag in your list.cmtname.jpg
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