Dashboard: Overview

The first item in your sidebar is your Dashboard. Dashboard is the place where you can get a general overview of your account. Provided that you are keeping your data organized, by using Dashboard you can get the statistics about your client list, see how many policies per client you have, and see how many active email addresses you are working with. 

If you are using Client Status Codes, you will be able to see the number of prospects and lost clients, as well as the number of active clients that you have. 

Dashboard Overview will also allow you to see your most popular policy types and the number of clients who have them, so it can be a good way to construct your cross-selling campaigns by the numbers you see there.

Keeping your data as clean as possible will allow you to use Dashboard more efficiently, so, marking your clients with appropriate status codes, keeping their emails in your BMS, and clearing up old and irrelevant data will give you a clearer picture of where your brokerage is and where it could be in the future. 


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