How to Add Staff Headshots and Signature Images

Adding a headshot and a signature image at the bottom of your emails is a nice touch and a good way to be more personal with your clients. You can upload the staff images and connect them to each producer and CSR, and use merge tags to match them in your emails. 


  1. Go to your Library and click on Images
  2. Make a new folder for your headshots or signature images
  3. Click the Upload button or drag and drop the images from your computer
  4. Click on the image of your choice to open it
  5. Right click on the image and choose Open image in new tab
  6. Copy the link from the new tab. It should start with
  7. Go to your Staff list and find the member of staff whose picture you just copied
  8. In the Image field, paste the link you copied

Repeat the same steps for signature images. You can either upload photos of your actual signatures or use a handwriting font to create them in Photoshop

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