How to read email reports

If your Automated Workflow has been running for a while, or if you recently sent out a customized one-off email campaign, you will probably want to see the results of your hard work. That's where Reports come in handy. 

  1. First off, to view the report for a particular email, mouse over the email and click on the Reports button.reporting_1.jpg
  2. Next, you will see your Overview page. Here you can take a look at how well your email performed in percentages. The first wheel shows how many total emails were sent out. The second wheel shows the percentage of unique opens, and the number below shows the total email opens. The third wheel shows your positive responses in percentages, and the fourth one shows the negative responses. The percentages of positive and negative responses are taken from the unique opens.overview.jpg
  3. The most detailed reports can be found under Activity. You can access Activity if you click on Reporting and choosing the Activity option from the dropdown menu.activity.jpg
  4. Under Activity, you can see all the details regarding your email. You can see the number of views and the positive and negative responses. You can also see who clicked on a link in your email and how many times, who shared your email on social media, the bounces, unsubscribes, and who marked your email as spam. By clicking on any of these options, you will get a list with the name and email of the clients who completed these activities.activity_details.jpg
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