Adding staff list to Pathway

By adding your staff list to Pathway, you make it easy to customize the email signatures in all your email campaigns with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the appropriate CSRs or Producers. Each client is assigned their own account executive and account representative, so by using merge tags in your emails, you can have personalized signatures for every client. 

  1. Go to your Staff list in Settingsstafflist.jpg
  2. Click on the Add New button. A new screen will pop up allowing you to input your staff information. Mandatory fields are Code*, Name, and Email, and optionally, you can insert their titles, phone number, extension, as well as their headshot and a signature image. Also, it is important that you specify whether the person is a Producer (Account Executive) or a CSR
    * If your BMS does not store codes for each member of staff, you can use their initials insteadscott.jpg

It's important to note that the Staff list has to be uploaded and updated manually, as it is not included in the Daily sync.

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