How do I import a list to Pathway?

Importing custom lists can be done in a few steps:

  1. Prepare your list. The list must be in CSV format, or imported from Gmail or Yahoo mail.
  2. Name the list. This will help you distinguish between other lists on your Pathway Contacts page.listtitle.jpg
  3. Next, agree to the Terms.terms.jpg
  4. Upload your CSV listimport.jpg
  5. Match the columns in your original list to create custom merge tags.match.jpg
  6. To match the information, sometimes you will have to create custom merge tags. Click on the drop-down menu, scroll all the way down, and select [Create Custom Field]. Then, formulate the new merge tag like this {custom_custom_mergetag}, replacing the word "mergetag" with the word of your choice.matchymatchy.jpg
  7. Lastly, choose whether you'd like to turn on Double Opt In and click Save to finish.
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