What are the most important fields to keep updated?

The data from the BMS fields listed below are commonly used in Pathway and it's recommended to keep them up to date.

Customer fields:

  • Email
  • Goes by and/or Salute and/or First Name
  • Assigned CSR and Producer
  • Client Status (Active, Lost, Prospect, etc.)
  • Physical Address
  • Birthday
  • Phone number
  • Birthday

Policy fields:

  • Renewal date
  • Effective date
  • Policy status
  • Policy type
  • Is new business
  • Is Rewrite
  • Is Cancelled
  • Date Cancelled
  • Assigned CSR
  • Insurer Company
  • Branch code

Claim fields:

  • Type
  • Date opened/closed
  • Date of loss
  • Is Open
  • Adjuster name/email
  • Accident type code

The more accurate the rest of the data, the better you can segment, but the above is critical, based on Workflows used.



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