Policy Premium Increase

In the fast-paced realm of insurance, mastering policy renewals is the key to trust, compliance, and client satisfaction. Imagine a world where advanced technology enables brokers to spot potential premium increases before edocs hit inboxes. With ongoing training, transparent communication, and proactive client notifications, brokers elevate renewals into opportunities for meaningful dialogue. This is not just renewal management; it's the art of cultivating lasting, positive client relationships. Welcome to the future of insurance brokering, where precision meets satisfaction.


Once the edoc seamlessly syncs to Pathway, our state-of-the-art Flows kick into action, scanning for any premium increases and taking immediate, necessary steps.

In our streamlined internal processes, brokers typically:

  1. Generate an open Activity (Abeyance/Suspense/Note) for the dedicated CSR on file or another team member within the brokerage.


Depending on internal processes, brokers usually:


  1. Generate an open Activity (Abeyance/ Suspense/ Note) for the CSR on file or for someone in the brokerage:

  2. Craft a client-friendly message, reassuring them that we're actively exploring superior options on their behalf.


As illustrated in the accompanying screenshots, the process is simplified further:

  • Add a Condition: Advanced -> Policy -> Premium Increase % (or total amount increased).

No Branch will address increases below the specified amount, while the Yes Branch takes charge when increases meet or exceed the predetermined Condition. It's a proactive approach, ensuring we stay ahead and deliver unparalleled service to our valued clients. Welcome to a future where precision meets client satisfaction in every interaction.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your CSM on Slack

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