Flows - Renewal setups

Agency Bill Renewal edelivery:

The Basic setup for Agency Bill Renewal edelivery

The workflow is configured based of 3 criteria:

  1. Edoc1 → Declaration Page downloaded by Insurer (or manually attached to the BMS)

    1. Edoc Category - Defines the transaction for the edoc

    2. Edoc Attach/Uploaded date - Ensures that only the most recent documents are connected to the email

    3. Edoc Type/Buscode - Identifies the Policy types this workflow should include/exclude

  2. Edoc2 → Invoice (or billing document) for the transaction in place

    1. Edoc Category - Defines the Invoice document

    2. 2nd Edoc → Policy Number → Same as on edoc ensures that we are connecting the Invoice to the correct Declaration

  3. Policy → In order for the system to display correct information in the body of the email we have to configure the Policy term.

    1. Policy → Policy Number → Same as on edoc
      In combination with Policy → Effective date → At most this many days before today - Ensures that the policy information displayed in the email (and Pink slips attached) will have the correct term, Custom Coverage recommendations will be relevant, and any other policy information you wish to display in the email will be relevant.

    2. Policy → Billing Type - allows us to specify whether the flow is set for Agency or Direct Bill policies


Basic Agency Bill edelivery setup

The flow is triggered by the edoc download, once the invoice is issued by the broker.

  1. After the email is triggered we check if the client's’s email address is invalid.

    1. If invalid we send an open activity to BMS to notify the broker on file

    2. if valid we send an email to the client

  2. Once the email is sent, we check if it was delivered or if the email bounced

    1. If it bounced we notify the broker on file

    2. If delivered we wait for some time and check if the client interacted with the email (clicked on the link to securely download documents).

      1. If the client didn’t interact with the email we can follow up via Text, another email, or simply notify the broker on file

Agency Bill Basic Flow setup



Agency Bill - Billing Reminders


Account Receivables - Renewal Reminder

The workflow in place is set up to generate an email when the Renewal downloads and there is an outstanding Balance on the Policy → Balance in Transactions field on EPIC.


The client gets excluded from the segment if there is an open PYDL or $NSF activity for the policy triggering the email.

Pre-Renewal Monoline Campaign:

There are several ways how brokers approach the pre renewal campaign.

The most common one is sent 60 days before the renewal date and it can include the Questionnaire (Form Builder) and Custom Coverage Recomendations.
Let us see how that works:

Pre- Renewal Monoline (Homeowners)

Let us read these filters from the bottom to the top. The Campaign is set up to trigger an email 60 days before the renewal date using Policy → Renewal Date → At most this many days after today (the moment when the client enters the segment)

This email is set up to go out only for Homeowners Policy type if the Policy is not canceled.

IF the client has an Auto policy that renews within 10 days of the Homeowners policy they will not trigger this email as they are Excluded by Exclude by policy filters:



And finally if the client completes the questionnaire, they will be excluded from the flow until the next policy, meeting the same criteria comes up for renewal.
This allows us to follow up with the client, but if they complete the survey they will not receive the reminder email.


CoverageAdvisor™ in Pre-renewals:


To make things a bit more interesting in our Pre-renewal setup, we can set up the so-called CoverageAdvisor™.
Depending on the type of integration, the pathway is able to read coverages, deductibles, and liability limits and use that data to help you educate or get your clients to upgrade their policies.

Simple CMT for Property under 2 Milion Liability

But we can make things even more complex by adding specific Coverage recommendations:39167cab-0229-497d-be9b-436139cebad8.png

No overland protection for Aviva and Intact policyholders that do not reside in Alberta


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